LAZ Healthcare Services

    LAZ Healthcare Services is passionate about providing an exceptional experience for your patients and visitors, from the moment they drive up to your hospital. Aligned under The LAZ Way, our Healthcare team is a caring and compassionate partner for caregivers and healthcare organizations. Our commitment to personal, caring service helps alleviate the stress that patients can feel when they arrive.

    Exceptional Experience: With decades of experience at over 50 healthcare clients nationwide, LAZ has the unique knowledge and expertise to deliver specialized services to support our partners. Our culture of compassionate care is backed up by value-based thinking, process-driven programs and analytics. LAZ doesn’t just claim to enhance the entire patient and visitor experience, we can prove it.

    Streamlined Services: The wide range of LAZ Healthcare Programs allows you to streamline services under one contract, which is not only cost-effective but reduces patient hand-offs and provides a consistent look and feel to several groups of front-line caregivers.

    Passionate Leadership: The leadership of our LAZ Family is a passionate group with a warm and caring culture that is a perfect fit for hospitals and healthcare organizations. The Healthcare Services team is led by Stephanie Barnes who has over 12 years of experience working in hospitals and leading patient experience programs.