About The Events

    About the Events

    All events are designed by a Governing Board of healthcare’s leading executives. Learn More

    National Healthcare Executive Forum is an annual two-day destination conference for healthcare’s industry-leading executives. The agenda features case studies and best practices from leaders and organizations nationwide redefining the healthcare system. Attendees will network and collaborate with peers transforming the quality and safety of care.

    Healthcare IT Exchange is an inaugural program to foster collaboration between technical and non-technical healthcare executives. The regionally-focused program explores technology innovations, threats, and opportunities. Discuss with peers how to prepare healthcare organizations for technology’s momentous impact on the industry.

    Healthcare Leadership Exchange is a semi-annual gathering of a region’s most influential healthcare executives. Designed to facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration on shared challenges and potential solutions to improve healthcare outcomes. Executives will leave with better insights, actionable takeaways, and stronger relationships with peers.

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